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Night People, Manchester

Date and Time

2022-10-20 19:30:00


Night People, Manchester


About this event

Due to the pandemic and complications with international flights being subject to last minute changes and cancellations ACTORS have decided reluctantly to reschedule their UK tour once more to October 2022 when they hope things will be more stable.

All original tickets will remain valid, except Wolverhampton Slade, this venue is closing permanently and we could not find a suitable alternative venue in the area so a Bedford Esquires show has been added instead as a new show.

Wolverhampton ticket holders should get refunds from the point of purchase, our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If people prefer refunds, they can get them from the point of purchase.

Thank you for your understanding!

ACTORS Biography: 

The Jason Corbett-led outfit ACTORS are standing on the shoulders of titans with their brand of the style, and could almost be referred to as post-post-punk. In a period where we narrowcast rather than broadcast so fans and new music-seekers can firmly plant themselves in a niche, Corbett takes swings at creating sounds and production techniques that one would not usually find in a starter package of cliché plugins and samples. Backed by a stoic yet playful backing band, the frontman shows an enthusiasm while performing and recording that often isnt seen or heard in his preferred genre.


Night People, Manchester