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Create and share moments, see stories of your friends, people going to the same event as you, trends in your city and share them on other social networks.

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See trending events, get weekly challenges, find hidden gems and buy tickets to your favourite events.

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Rally your friends with messages, organise your outings, keep in contact with messages, share stickers, location and so much more.

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About Vivus

From the latest concert, shows, gigs, club night, if it's popular you'll find it here first. Loop gives you a curated list of trending event and the chance to share your event stories with friends, see stories of the people going to the same event as you and a few additional features such as messaging and top tier filters to show your best side. - Seun Oboite

What Makes Vivus Tick.

Here's to the world worst kept secret, what makes us tick.


Stay in the loop, find hidden gems and discover your city.


Buy tickets to your favourite clubs, concerts and much more..


Missed out on an event? Or just sell your tickets with ease.


Capture moments and share them with friends and family.


Rally your friends, share location, images, gifs and much more.


Uber integration allows you to ride request on the go.


Access your tickets on the go, everywhere yeah! even offline.


Earn money by promoting events and in-dept insights into monthly sales.


See trending events and activities close-by on maps.

One More Reason.

Products to help you create and share moments.

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